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Journey Through the Life of Our Prophetﷺ

Exploring the Seerah for High Schoolers

  • Started Aug 16
  • 70 Canadian dollars
  • Via Zoom

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A 12-Session Seerah Journey through the life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ for High Schoolers is an engaging and comprehensive course that delves into the inspiring life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This course is specifically designed for high school students, aiming to deepen their understanding of the Prophet's exemplary character, his pivotal role in shaping Islamic history, and his timeless teachings that remain relevant today. Week 1 - Who is Muhammad ﷺ and Why Study His Life/Seerah? Week 2 - Pre-Islamic Arabia Week 3 - The Birth of Muhammad ﷺ Week 4 - His Childhood and Youth Week 5 - Adulthood and Prophethood; First Revelation Week 6 - The Year of Sorrow & Journey to Ta’if Week 7 - Migration to Madinah Week 8 - Battle of Badr & Uhud Week 9 - The Battle of the Trench and the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah Week 10 - Conquest of Makkah Week 11 - The Farewell Pilgrimage Week 12 - The Passing of Muhammad ﷺ and Key Takeaways from His Legacy

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