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We're raising $100,000 to prepare a new space for the community.

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a bit about us.

Wijhah Initiative provides the space, content, and companionship necessary for a healthy understanding and realization of Islam.


The first thing the Prophet ﷺ did upon reaching Madinah was build a masjid as the central community space for Muslims


The Prophet ﷺ would regularly establish gatherings for his companions to learn and grow


The Prophet ﷺ established a system of fraternity between Muslims upon reaching Madinah


The Prophet ﷺ helped his companions develop a deep understanding of Islam such that they could eventually share it with others


The Prophetic community enabled each individual to make practicing Islam holistically a lived reality

Our spirit of community service may be encapsulated in:

“Come as you are, to Islam as it is.”
what our community says
"Wijhah Initiative inspires me to feel safe as a visible Muslim woman. I feel like I belong to my community as is, without expectations or having to fit into certain standards. It is also comforting to know there is always a place to go to for fun, for knowledge, for inspiration, and more. Thank you to Sh. Usman, other speakers, and all volunteers that make Wijhah happen!"

"I love the healing hearts event because it challenges me intellectually (in a good way), it’s soothing, and contributes to my spiritual growth. I also love the Friday night circles for the lovely socialization involved. My involvement with Wijhah has added a sense of belonging and security."

"I have struggled with feeling I belong among the Muslim community for some time. I sometimes feel that my level of Islamic knowledge or practice makes me somehow less of a Muslim. At Wijhah events, I have found a community that grounds me when I start to question whether I belong. I still struggle sometimes, but I push through those negative thoughts driven by my intention to learn more for the sake of Allah SWT. The lectures are invaluable and I try to invite new people as often as I can."

"Wijhah isn’t just a community, it’s a place for growth, connecting, learning, and reflecting. I find myself constantly looking forward to the events so that I can be with the community I love and take part in a gathering that I know will make me a better person. I’ve learned many things that I’ve tried implementing in my life because of Wijhah events. As a volunteer, I’ve also realized that I can do more than I think so I’ve started giving myself higher goals to reach."

"Subhanallah, I'm so grateful to have an accepting environment where I feel included, cared for and always welcome. More than that, the open topics and discussions brought to our gatherings touch my heart and uplift my deen as well as my understanding upon what has been discussed. Increasing our knowledge is important and these events do not neglect the need for intimacy and comfort that would naturally be sought in a community. A big thank you to the Wijhah team!"


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transparency is key

All the A’s for your q’s.

What is Wijhah Initiative?
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Wijhah Initiative provides the space, content, and companionship necessary for a healthy understanding and realization of Islam.

What is Wijhah Initiative’s vision?
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We Aspire To Facilitate Spiritual And Social Spaces That Are Welcoming, Meaningful, And Nurturing, In The Spirit Of The Prophetic Community.

“Welcoming” = The Prophetic practice of welcoming and embracing community is at the core of a safe space. We aspire to be a community that grows towards the ideals of our faith and spirituality together, while continuing to appreciate each of our experiences.

“Meaningful” = It its very essence, the values of our faith are meaningful to each and every person. When faith is meaningful, it provides clarity in confusion, and with our questions we find solutions. Our engagement with our faith fosters both reverence, as well as relevance.

“Nurturing” = Our philosophy is built upon the belief that spirituality prospers in the environment of social semi-sacred space, just as we know it does in the reflective state of individual worship. We know that growth happens simply by being in good company. 

What is the reason for Wijhah Initiative's departure from Hespeler Masjid?
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Over the past two years, we have been able to grow and develop into community focused space for Muslim youth due to the hospitality of the Hespeler Masjid community. However, we require our own space for the following reasons:

1. As we strive to expand as an organization capable of offering additional services to address the needs of our community, it is imperative for us to acquire charitable status. Obtaining a specific address is a requirement for securing charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency.

2. Having our own dedicated space will enhance our independence and enable us to expand our range of program offerings.

3.  At our new location, we have access to 60 parking spots, along with abundant street parking which will not be disruptive to any residential home owners. 

We plan to continue using Hespeler Masjid for our Ramadan programming, since that space will still be available to us.

What is Wijhah Initiative going to be facilitating from the new space?
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The new space will serve as a hub for the community, particularly the youth, to allow them to come together in order to build community through faith. From the new space, Wijhah Initiative will continue hosting our weekly events run by classically trained scholars. Looking ahead, we aim to expand our community engagement efforts, including the organization of healing circles for sisters and brothers, book clubs, social events for youth and special events for mothers and fathers. Additionally, we will persist in advancing our mental health initiative from this new location.

What will the funds from this campaign be used for?
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The funds raised with this campaign will be used to help furnish our new home with items needed for the building to function as a welcoming space for the community to gather and break bread. 

We plan to purchase: wi-fi, audio visual equipment, a full kitchen, a partition, rugs, among other daily use items such as cleaning supplies, furnishings and storage units. 

Future fundraising will also be utilized for monthly facility costs, to host the community at weekly Wijhah events. 

What is the timeline for the move?
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The plan is to hold our first Wijhah event at the new space in January 2024.

How will the organization communicate the move to its stakeholders, including donors, volunteers, and the community at large?
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Wijhah Initiative will continue to keep our donors updated through social media and e-mail messaging.

What measures are in place to ensure a smooth transition and the continuity of essential operations during and after the move?
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Wijhah Initiative will be using the December holiday break to transition into the new space. During the break, events will be on pause, and we will be ready to open our doors in January 2024.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?
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No, we currently do not have charity status. This move will bring us one step closer to attaining charity status.

Can I still support Wijhah Initiative through donations after the fundraising campaign ends?
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Yes, we will be accepting donations through our website.

Why should I donate?
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Donating to Wijhah Initiative is an investment for both the youth of our community, as well as your hereafter. Help us build a prophetic community.